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Turkish Language Course

Turkish Language Course

Pass beginner level with this course! Fast and comprehensive.

This course is a remedy for the ones who want to learn Turkish fast. No prior knowledge is required. Come without any knowledge of Turkish, leave as a beginner in Turkish. Languages mean people. Learn them. Enroll this interactive Turkish course now! Pass beginner level with this course! Fast and comprehensive online Turkish course. You can ask questions to learn more! Practice tests and vocabulary sections will be added soon. Prepared by Oğulcan Durmaz and Seyhmus Koc under the name of Academia Plato. 
Fast and comprehensive.
Learn a new language.


Saturday, June 09, 2018

Ea Sports Announces Champions League For Fifa 19

Ea Sports Announces Champions League For Fifa 19 

ea sport announces Champions League for Fİfa 19
Source: Game Revolution

Fifa 19's official trailer, which contains Champions League and demonstrates EA Sports has bought the license of Champions League, is showed in E3 2018. The first video showed in Electronic Art's conference announces Champions League in Fifa  19.

In the past months, It revealed that the agreement allowing Champions League to be used in PES between PES and UEFA was terminated. The Champions League License that Konami used to have was the most notable difference between PES and FIFA. However, In the announcement, it can be understood that Konami has no longer Champions League license.

The Champions League Mode can be played in every mode in Fifa 19. It is also said that Champions League is going to be seen in Journey, Alex Hunter, mode.

Even if there is not enough information about the game, It is indicated that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the cover photo again.

Fifa 19 will be released on 28.09.2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Online Learning Is A Breakthrough!

Online Learning Is A Breakthrough!

Learn Online! Jobs, computer skills and more !

What Is Online Learning ?

Online learning is a breakthrough that surrounds all of us via the internet. People used to use internet for specific purposes, such as social media, marketing, advertising. Getting more and more specific, it has finally reached to education. Now, people can get certificates, diplomas through online learning in the internet. No matter what they use, a computer, smart phone, tablet, people can educate themselves! Internet is a country without any border. In this content, I want to talk about benefits of online learning, online learning methods and the best websites utilizing online learning method in order to let people educate themselves without any limitation.

Benefits Of Online Learning

learn on phone,computer or a tablet

Online learning is very beneficial for everyone. A child can do his/her homeworks thanks to school's open course wares or a university student can find access to his course books thanks to the same program. It makes education easy to catch! The second benefit of online learning is that it facilitate people to be more sophisticated citizen. First to themselves, they can support the other people with what they have learnt. For example, suppose that you have learnt some essential informations about stress management, you can control yourself in a oppressing and stressful situation. Moreover, by controlling yourself in such a situation, you may help the others around you to overcome the stress.
Mostly consisting of the education, the benefits of online learning are also can be seen in the internet. One can be a prestigious application or a website developer, investor and enterpreneur by learning the necessary informations through the online learning. Aside from these benefits, online learning is an occupation at least! Instead of wasting your time on nonse things, you can allocate your free time to develop your personality through online lessons. What I know is that people are to be their own teachers at the beginning.

Online Learning Methods

learn on phone,tablet,computer

As I have said at the beginning, it has a lot of methods, such as apps in smart phones or computers, websites. For now, the most effective method is online lessons through websites. Through the online lessons, you can learn affiliate marketing, advertising, enterpreneurship, psychological issues like stress management, dealing with hardships and impossiblities, even how to play a musical instrument. The only thing that you need to do is finding a suitable source for yourselves. In the other paragraph, I will be giving some websites which use online learning methods to educate people. Before passing the next topic, I want you to be aware of the fact that you can learn only if you want. On a phone, a tablet or a computer...

Online Learning Websites

websites utilizing online learning methods.
Online learning is a breakthrough!

Online learning websites utilize online learning methods to educate people. These websites are free for every educater. What I mean is that you can create your lessons to educate people if you are proficient at a field. Nowadays, the online lessons which are titled as How To Be A Youtuber are very demanded. Before forgetting to exemplify the websites utulizing online learning methods, I should start. Yeah, there are some websites in which you can enroll courses. Udemy, edx, future learn, coursera are just some of them, but the one I admire is Khan Academy. In Khan Academy, you can reach the roots of the courses. For instance, you can understand where a formula or an equation comes from. Being against to rote learning, this website broadens my horizon.

That's so! Thanks for reading till the end! By the way, If you have not read my content about moba games, you can read it from here. Before finishing, I want to say that online learning is future!

Monday, June 04, 2018

A Talk About Moba, HOTS, Uğur Ülger, HOTS in TR


heroes of the storm, moba

Will Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm be demanded in Turkey ?

According to the recent news, Uğur Ülger, who worked in Riot Games (League Of Legends) and is very beloved by Turkish gamers, has been employed as community manager, which means that Blizzard may establish an office in Turkey. Few Heroes Of The Storm players think that Uğur Ülgers' coming to Blizzard will increase the amount of players in the game in Turkey. If you have played HOTS before, you must have seen that there are few Turkish people in the game. Most of the players is composed of the ones in Russia. In this content, I am going to begin by telling what moba means.

*Hots stands for Heroes Of The Storm.

What is Moba ? What Moba Means ?


First of all, moba means action real time strategy game style. In this game style, generally five to five or four to four, people play against each other as two seperate teams by choosing their characters. A map is the milestone of a moba. To exemplify, League Of Legends, Dota 2, HOTS, Starcraft are the most famous moba games in the PC platform. What about android and IOS ? Moba must be so demanded that it splashed to the mobile platforms. In Android and IOS, you can find many games, especially Vineglory, Mobile Legends and Arena Of Valor, resembling to League Of Legends and Dota 2. In general, Moba games have build systems, and each hero has its own build. Tank, Attacker, Support, Ability Power, Jungle are the roles that you should take into consideration to build your items in a proper way when playing moba games. Every moba game employs this build system as a method. You have to consistent with your character's role when building your items! As I have said, in 2018, nearly every moba game employs build system. However, there is a different approach, it is Blizzard's HOTS.

Heroes Of The Storm And Its Unique Aspects

Moba, hots, hots tr, heroes of the storm

What I have talked about for all the last paragraph was the system of moba games and the examples of the best moba games. Now, the topic is all about battlenet HOTS. HOTS is a moba game like many other, but what differs is the build system. Blizzard staff used a very different way of building in Heroes Of The Storm when creating  the game. There are not any items ! Yeah, I hear you say woah! As it is a moba game, there should be a building system anyway, and they have managed to implement it with skill building system. Actually, this system is also can be found in the other moba games, but here it is the only thing, except for playing as a team, HOTS depends on. By enhancing the your skill levels, each characters has its own unique skills, you can achieve new skills or damage-abilitiy powers. Aside from this, Blizzard designs and plans its Heroes Of The Storm characters by gaining inspiration from its other games, such as Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft.

New Communitiy Manager Of The Blizzard For Turkey: Uğur Ülger

blizzard,hots,battlenet,uğur ülger,heroes of the storm
Source: De Marke Gaming on Twitter

Finally, the talk comes to and end! At the beginning, I have said something about Blizzard's employing former Riot Games Staff and freelance presenter Uğur Ülger. Moba players in Turkey love Uğur Ülger so much that some Turkish HOTS players think that era of Heroes Of The Storm will begin in Turkey. It is believed that Uğur Ülger's working at Blizzard as a community manager will attract new Turkish players and promote the game in Turkey.

Heroes Of The Storm Is One Of The Best e-Sports Ready Game !

heroes of the storm e sports ready
Source: Dreamhack- Youtube

Game is already e-Sports ready! The only deficiency is that there are few people playing this game and only one or two team joining the e-Sport competitions in Turkey. As HOTS player myself, I hope that we will see good Turkish plays and more Turkish players in the game in coming years.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

How To Change Twitch Username

How To Change Twitch Username

how can i change my twitch username,username change,twitch username change
Twitch is a media platform in which famous gamers stream. It's a worldwide renowned platform that streamers both enjoy and earn money thanks to donates and advertisements. To stream and watch the live streams in Twitch, you need to create a Twitch account by using an e-mail and a password. In this way, you can stream or watch the famous streamers around the world.

If you created a Twitch account before, and you do not like its username can be seen by the others, you can change it. In addition, you can use the username of your deleted account again. Here I'm going to teach how to change Twitch username.

Rules Which Should Be Taken Into Consideration Before Changing The Username

  1. You can change your username once in 60 days.
  2. Your current username disappears (old one you want to change)
  3. If you do not login your account more than 12 months, your username becomes free to be taken by the others.
  4. If you think that somebody imitates you, you can take his/her username.

How To Change Twitch Username

Afer signing in your account, visit Then, you should edit your username. Having edited it, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which is sent by Twitch. Confirm it and enjoy your new username.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

How To Delete Twitch Account

How To Delete Twitch Account

delete or disable twitch account

As you all know, Twitch is a media platform in which famous gamers stream. It's a worldwide renowned platform that streamers both enjoy and earn money thanks to donates and advertisements. To stream and watch the live streams in Twitch, you need to create a Twitch account by using an e-mail and a password. In this way, you can stream or watch the famous streamers around the world.

Do you know how to delete your Twitch account or how to deactivate it for a while ? If you do not use your twitch account any more, you have the chance of deleting it permanently. In addition, you can also deactivate your account for some time.

Deactivating Twitch Account: Deactivating Twitch account means that you can open it any time you want and go on. Your e-mail and the username that you use in Twitch are protected until you activate your Twitch account again.

Deleting Twitch Account: Deleting Twitch account means permanently removal of your Twitch account, username and e-mail, which is irreversible. By doing so, your username can be taken by somebody else. The messages, followed channels and subscribtions in the deleted Twitch account are also deleted.

How To Deactivate Twitch Account

As I have said, this is a temporary removal of your Twitch account. To deactivate it, you should visit  and login your account. After you have written your password and the reason why you close your account on the page in the link, click on disable account button.

How To Delete Twitch Account

If you want to delete your Twitch account permanently, you should visit , write your password and click on the Delete My Account button.

How To Activate The Deactivated Twitch Account 

If you have deactivated your Twitch account, it is possible to activate it again. By just visiting and writing the informations that you used for creating your deactivated account, you can reactivate your Twitch account.

Friday, June 01, 2018

An Innovative Youtube Video Idea: 5 Minute Debate

An Innovative Youtube Video Idea: 5 Minute Debate

an innovative youtube video idea 5 minute debate

I do not want to start this article by pointing out the significance of Youtube as all people know it. First of all, I just want to say future will be technological. I wager that people witness Youtube's taking place of television. Most of the tv channels have live streams on Youtube. Moreover, there are a lot of youtube channels which stream like a television channel. This is the evidence of Youtube's making contemporaries conventional. Having written the entrance a bit longer than usual, I want to let people know an innovative Youtube video idea: 5 Minute Debate. Thanks to this content, you will have found an answer to the questions, such as what should be my Youtube content, what is an innovative Youtube video idea and how can I make people watch my Youtube videos.

Why should Youtube video contents be innovative ?

It should be innovative as it must be ! An innovative Youtube video idea is necessary to remind people your channel. People remember the ones who are unique just like the history. The second reason is that there are a lot of channels around which yield information just about usual topics. Be different and innovative to remind yourselves.

What Is My Innovative Youtube Video Idea ?

Before describing my idea, I think that an innovation can be in an accumulated way. What I mean is that people can innovate even if they use the existing things as their source. Developing the existing ideas is another way of being innovative. You can not always create something but think.

5 Minute Debate

5 minute debate

5 Minute Debate is the idea of let people discuss each other about a topic given by video recorders. After deciding about which topic that people discuss, you will prepare two texts which can be easily read in 5 minutes. Then, you will select any people walking on the street or just sitting somewhere to tell them what you do. When they discuss, you will record it. Having recorded the video and edited it, you will present it on Youtube. Aside from being educative, it may be also funny because notions are different and thinking styles differ.

Thanks for reading my content ! I am waiting for your comments. See You !

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Fortnite Gets A New Update !

Fortnite Gets A New Update !

fortnite's jetpacks and new update
Credit: Epic Games and

According to what is heard, fortnite's jetpacks are on their way! Despite being announced by Epic Games in February, it did not come to the field of battle royale. It is high time ! Fortnite jetpacks will have come with the Fortnite's new update (4.2). 

The official Fortnite twitter account posted : Strap in and blast off with Jetpacks in the v4.2 Content Update !
Available tomorrow, May 22 at 8am ET (1200 GMT). No downtime.”

What is coming with the Fortnite's new update 4.2 ?

Oh, let's see what is coming !

*Limited Time Mod: Solid Gold v2
*Some Regulations For The Weapons
*New Missions and Systems for Save The World Mode.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Top 5 Twitch Streamers Around The World


1) Ninja

twitch live stream,ninja,top 10 streamers,top 10,twitch top 10

Ninja has 6.235.856 followers and 151.399.108 channel views.

2) Summit1g

cs go,lol,twitch,stream,live

Summit 1g has 3.085.866 followers and 217.282.320 channel views.

3) Shroud

Shroud is a professional e-sports player and a member of Cloud 9 e-sports team.
He has 3.065.609 followers and 133.253.332 channel views.

4) Meclipse

This one is also Shroud's channel. As I said before, Shroud is a professional e-sports player. His secondary channel, which is meclipse, has 3.065.503 followers and 133.153.748 channel views. Oh ! I have almost forgotten to put a photo here.

meclipse,meclipse e sports, cloud 9,pubg,csgo

5) Riot Games

Riot games, which means League Of Legends, is the fifth of our list. Despite the controversial situation of its players, Riot Games' League Of Legends takes place in our list.
The channel has 2.874.028 followers and 982.577.834 channel views.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lure Of Twitch


5 twitch facts that attract new streamers

Hey People ! Today's content is three twitch facts attracting new streamers. I guess you all know that I am not talking about the champion in League Of Legends. It's ! Online Streaming Website.


To be honest, earning money is the first fact of list as it is the most important criterion for new streamers. People that think of starting live streams on twitch aim to earn money generally. It's quite normal to consider income fact when you see people earning large sums of money on twitch.


Even they are exception, there are some people aiming to make new friends instead of making money. If you aim both of them, it is the best option. From your first stream to the last one, you can talk to new people on Twitch.


If you are lack of self-confidence. Twitch is the doctor. By streaming and talking to people on Twitch, you can amend your confidence. Actually, this fact is what I have tried and which works. Try it.

Lastly, I want to know what you think about the topic. Please convey your ideas by using comment system. Our website's new concept is Read-Think-Comment.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Youtube Is Changing ! Am I Wrong ?

Hi All,

In this content, I am trying to talk about youtube's getting weird. If you have an idea about the issue, please comment!

Youtube Is Changing ! Am I Wrong ?

is youtube getting weird ?

While I was watching videos on Youtube, I realized that it had no longer its function. One side consists of  Crazy children feeling themselves as if they were youtuber, another side is full of the ones exploiting children to earn money. I feel like Youtube is getting weird. However, I want to say that there are few channels which are really impressive and instructive, such as Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell.

You can say that sometimes you do not need to learn something, so you can just watch or make videos for fun. That's right ,but if you want to enjoy, you have to find one of the few channels not aiming to exploit children to make money. Youtube has changed such a different way that we should distinguish before deciding to watch. For example, I think you all know that dancing alien thing. What a nonsense viral! It just aims to fun. A lot of videos about it have already taken its place in trends in some countries. It is weird.

The other issue that I mentioned was crazy children feeling themselves as if they were youtuber. Even though many people ignore this issue by joking, it is a really big issue that affects children's mental and physical health. I even think that It makes children forget their life purposes. Children were thinking about being a teacher, lawyer, an engineer. However, they are thinking Youtube as a purpose of life now. Youtube is not getting weird by itself.

As of exploiting children, I consider the ones really doing this as cruels. Children are affected easily, also, they can be under the influence of somebody easily. They know these and use them. You are cruels! For the sake of earning money, you exploiters just ruin the kids and earn money. These words are not only about all Youtube channels. It goes just to exploiters.

What I see on Youtube is that it is a big trash where you can also find diamonds. The best way to prevent yourselves from getting weird is to choose what to watch. Do not be the exposed, just think.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Details Of Pubg's 4x4 Savage

Details Of Pubg's 4x4 Savage

Pubg has recently announced the new 4x4 tropical map Savage with this tweet
As pubg staff said, the new map is more intense! Furthermore, it is a tropical map which has flows. Let's see some photos of it.

tropical pubg

pubg savage

pubg tropical map

4x4 map pubg

For now, you can only experience the new 4x4 map in PUBG Test Server.

We can see on the pictures that new map will make us feel summer. After the 4x4 map, people are looking forward to riding bicycle in the game. However, pubg has not announced something about it. Do you think that new map will be your favourite one ?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How To Get An Adsense Account


Hi All !

Today, we are starting a new, fresh series called Newsinfo. As you can understand from the name that the new series is about information, such as SEO, (from now on) How To, History, Art etc. We have already been publishing some posts which are related to this concept, but it will be more useful under a concrete name. Let's start the first Newsinfo content which is Is My Website Eligible For Adsense ?

How to apply adsense, what adsense requires

Is My Website Eligible For Adsense ?

First of all, I want to clarify Adsense for the ones who do not know what it is. Adsense is earning money with the cooperation of Google and some companies that want to promote and sell their products. To have an adsense account, you need to have a website or youtube account in which you are active. Today, we are going to look at a certain aspect of adsense which is about websites. I know that everybody wonders if their website is eligible for adsense or not like I did before. You are so lucky that you will learn it now ! Under the some titles, we will be examining if your website is eligible for Adsense. 

Amount Of Content

Before asking the question, is my website eligible for adsense ?, your amount of contents should be more than expected. If you are a blog, you need to have around 60 contents, but If you are a normal website, you need to have approximately 45. Adsense keeps the bar high because it is Google's.

Originality Of Content

You ask: Is my website eligible for adsense ? I reply : If your contents are not original, the answer is no. This is the fact that discerns the ones who have adsense and have not. Your contents should be almost unique ! You do not need to have 100% unique contents, actually having them is better, what you should do is make it to reach around 85-90%. Always try to be original and unique.

Concept Of  Your Website

Let Google decide what your websites' content is about. By sticking to the certain topics, you can let google do this. You may ask that why it is important, easy question ! Among the Google's criterion which are about applying Adsense, it takes place that a website should have some concepts and stick to them. In this way, Google understands the topic of your website and approves your application. If you do not have a concept, do not ask me the question Is My Website Eligible For Adsense ?

Theme Of Your Website

Your theme should be edited ! Do not use the themes that you download from some websites directly. Editing them is key to being different. Changing the colors, fonts and height of sidebar make it different from the others. The second issue about the themes is that your theme should be SEO and AdSense friendly. By using such themes, your advertisements can be seen in their proper place and they can make you money.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Avengers Infinity War Wallpapers From The Trailer


Avengers Infinity War Wallpapers From The Trailer! 
Hi All, in this content, you will be able to see marvel avengers pictures ! Avenger Pictures in this content were taken from Avengers Infinity War Trailer. On April 27, you can watch the film in the cinema. Fraud is crime violating to the rights of film. Do not try to find avengers dvd ! Go to cinema and watch it. After this warning, I can let you see the pictures, beautiful wallpapers. You can use them. They are free ! If you have not watched them yet, we advise you to watch all the infinity war movie collection. Also, I want to add that new Spiderman may be the most attractive character of the film.

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel,iron man

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel,paladins

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel,war

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

avengers wallpaper,spiderman,hulk,marvel

How To Download Fortnite for Android and IOS


fortnite mobile game,free game,free games

In this content, im gonna talk about how to download fortnite which is the prevalent game of the gaming industry among the games, such as pubg, rainbow six siege and league of legends. It comes front as it is free ! When you search free games, you can appoint fortnite to the top of your game list. Let's see how to download fortnite for android and ios.

First of all, you guys are visiting this link to download the game : Download Fortnite Mobile Game

After you have downloaded it ( it takes time), open the game and wait for the latest updates. As soon as it finishes updating, you will be seeing a screen in which some login options occur : Epic Games, Google Account ...

Choose Google account and complete the registration. Then, you will be added to mailing list as the game is still being improved. Depending on preferences of Fortnite staff, they will send a mail containing an invitation to Fortnite mobile game. By clicking on it, you can activate your account and play Fortnite mobile.

Unfortunately, it has not been released for Android yet. If it is, I will share a new content for android users to download fortnite mobile.

In our previous content, I talked about how to download pubg mobile. You can visit the previous content here : How To Download Pubg Mobile

How To Download Pubg Mobile !


pubg mobile,download pubg mobile,pubg mobile links

The game has been finally released ! You can download it from the links depending on your device. This content is insta content ! We do not want to bother you with unnecessary details. Just links !

pubg ios


download pubg android


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Can H1Z1 Beat Pubg and Fortnite ?

Can H1Z1 Beat Pubg and Fortnite ?

h1z1 pubg ros fortnite
An Old Picture Of  H1Z1
As can be seen on Twitch, Steam and other a variety of game communities, survival games have rising demand on the gaming industry. Pubg, H1Z1, Fortnite and Rules Of Survival are just a few of these survival games. Game creaters try to meet the gamers' demands by updating their survival games. For example, last week, H1Z1 was updated. Thanks to the update, the game become free to play which means that people can play the game by not paying. However, in the game, there are some packs that yields pompous clothes, weapons and cars for people. As can be predicted, the packs are sold. The good thing is that the items taking place in those packs do not provide any privilege among the players. One can buy them if he/she wants to show off. Yes, you have heard right. It is nothing but showing off.

The problem is that Pubg has already been struggling with Fortnite, which is also a survival game. In addition, its creaters are trying to make it available for mobile platform. Can H1Z1's coming back to the gaming industry hinder this process ? This is just a question.

You can download H1Z1 by using STEAM. As it is free to play, it is available for everyone. Furthermore, on the coming days, we will be seeing the winner of clash between survival games.