Monday, February 05, 2018

Popular Turkish Social Media Platform Onedio Is Available For Russia Now !


Onedio Is Available For Russia !

Onedio is a website containing lots of options such as video, food, tests, sports, news and trends. It was established by Kaan Kayabalı in 2012. Kaan Kayabalı, who is the ceo of the onedio, is such a good enterpreneur that he managed to be among the most clicked websites in six years.

In Onedio, you can write your own content and publish it. Everyone is allowed to write something on the condition that the content fulfills the criterion of website. By writing and publishing your own contents, you may be a prominent writer.

As can be seen from the title, Onedio is available for Russia now. We hope that Russian people will like and use it.  As there is no restriction on the internet in Russia, people can enjoy much more than they do in Turkish version.

In our opininon, onedio is one of the best social media platform that focuses on entertainment. People are free, especially they are writers in Onedio.

If you want to visit Onedio, links are here:

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