Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The Most Powerful Rocket SpaceX Falcon Heavy Is Ready To Be Launched

space x falcon heavy elon musk is ready to be launched

The Most Powerful Rocket Falcon Heavy Is Ready !

The most powerful rocket SpaceX  Falcon Heavy is ready to be launched. It is planned to launch it on Tuesday. If everything goes well, it will be the most powerful rocket in humanity's hand. Its first test will be held on Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Takeoff will be observable between 1:30 pm ET and 4:00 pm ET.

People all around the world thronged to the place where the rocket will be launched. Elon Musk said that people can see the best firework display by watching the falcon heavy's launch.

If we can not launch it on Tuesday, as a compensation, we will launch it on Wednesday, Elon Musk said.

The rocket was developed by SpaceX that earned great money from the sales of Tesla. As everybody knows, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX is same : Elon Musk. In our opinion, he is the one will draw humanity's way in the future.
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