Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How To Download Fortnite for Android and IOS


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In this content, im gonna talk about how to download fortnite which is the prevalent game of the gaming industry among the games, such as pubg, rainbow six siege and league of legends. It comes front as it is free ! When you search free games, you can appoint fortnite to the top of your game list. Let's see how to download fortnite for android and ios.

First of all, you guys are visiting this link to download the game : Download Fortnite Mobile Game

After you have downloaded it ( it takes time), open the game and wait for the latest updates. As soon as it finishes updating, you will be seeing a screen in which some login options occur : Epic Games, Google Account ...

Choose Google account and complete the registration. Then, you will be added to mailing list as the game is still being improved. Depending on preferences of Fortnite staff, they will send a mail containing an invitation to Fortnite mobile game. By clicking on it, you can activate your account and play Fortnite mobile.

Unfortunately, it has not been released for Android yet. If it is, I will share a new content for android users to download fortnite mobile.

In our previous content, I talked about how to download pubg mobile. You can visit the previous content here : How To Download Pubg Mobile

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