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Can H1Z1 Beat Pubg and Fortnite ?

Can H1Z1 Beat Pubg and Fortnite ?

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An Old Picture Of  H1Z1
As can be seen on Twitch, Steam and other a variety of game communities, survival games have rising demand on the gaming industry. Pubg, H1Z1, Fortnite and Rules Of Survival are just a few of these survival games. Game creaters try to meet the gamers' demands by updating their survival games. For example, last week, H1Z1 was updated. Thanks to the update, the game become free to play which means that people can play the game by not paying. However, in the game, there are some packs that yields pompous clothes, weapons and cars for people. As can be predicted, the packs are sold. The good thing is that the items taking place in those packs do not provide any privilege among the players. One can buy them if he/she wants to show off. Yes, you have heard right. It is nothing but showing off.

The problem is that Pubg has already been struggling with Fortnite, which is also a survival game. In addition, its creaters are trying to make it available for mobile platform. Can H1Z1's coming back to the gaming industry hinder this process ? This is just a question.

You can download H1Z1 by using STEAM. As it is free to play, it is available for everyone. Furthermore, on the coming days, we will be seeing the winner of clash between survival games.
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