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How To Get An Adsense Account


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Today, we are starting a new, fresh series called Newsinfo. As you can understand from the name that the new series is about information, such as SEO, (from now on) How To, History, Art etc. We have already been publishing some posts which are related to this concept, but it will be more useful under a concrete name. Let's start the first Newsinfo content which is Is My Website Eligible For Adsense ?

How to apply adsense, what adsense requires

Is My Website Eligible For Adsense ?

First of all, I want to clarify Adsense for the ones who do not know what it is. Adsense is earning money with the cooperation of Google and some companies that want to promote and sell their products. To have an adsense account, you need to have a website or youtube account in which you are active. Today, we are going to look at a certain aspect of adsense which is about websites. I know that everybody wonders if their website is eligible for adsense or not like I did before. You are so lucky that you will learn it now ! Under the some titles, we will be examining if your website is eligible for Adsense. 

Amount Of Content

Before asking the question, is my website eligible for adsense ?, your amount of contents should be more than expected. If you are a blog, you need to have around 60 contents, but If you are a normal website, you need to have approximately 45. Adsense keeps the bar high because it is Google's.

Originality Of Content

You ask: Is my website eligible for adsense ? I reply : If your contents are not original, the answer is no. This is the fact that discerns the ones who have adsense and have not. Your contents should be almost unique ! You do not need to have 100% unique contents, actually having them is better, what you should do is make it to reach around 85-90%. Always try to be original and unique.

Concept Of  Your Website

Let Google decide what your websites' content is about. By sticking to the certain topics, you can let google do this. You may ask that why it is important, easy question ! Among the Google's criterion which are about applying Adsense, it takes place that a website should have some concepts and stick to them. In this way, Google understands the topic of your website and approves your application. If you do not have a concept, do not ask me the question Is My Website Eligible For Adsense ?

Theme Of Your Website

Your theme should be edited ! Do not use the themes that you download from some websites directly. Editing them is key to being different. Changing the colors, fonts and height of sidebar make it different from the others. The second issue about the themes is that your theme should be SEO and AdSense friendly. By using such themes, your advertisements can be seen in their proper place and they can make you money.

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