Friday, April 06, 2018

Youtube Is Changing ! Am I Wrong ?

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In this content, I am trying to talk about youtube's getting weird. If you have an idea about the issue, please comment!

Youtube Is Changing ! Am I Wrong ?

is youtube getting weird ?

While I was watching videos on Youtube, I realized that it had no longer its function. One side consists of  Crazy children feeling themselves as if they were youtuber, another side is full of the ones exploiting children to earn money. I feel like Youtube is getting weird. However, I want to say that there are few channels which are really impressive and instructive, such as Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell.

You can say that sometimes you do not need to learn something, so you can just watch or make videos for fun. That's right ,but if you want to enjoy, you have to find one of the few channels not aiming to exploit children to make money. Youtube has changed such a different way that we should distinguish before deciding to watch. For example, I think you all know that dancing alien thing. What a nonsense viral! It just aims to fun. A lot of videos about it have already taken its place in trends in some countries. It is weird.

The other issue that I mentioned was crazy children feeling themselves as if they were youtuber. Even though many people ignore this issue by joking, it is a really big issue that affects children's mental and physical health. I even think that It makes children forget their life purposes. Children were thinking about being a teacher, lawyer, an engineer. However, they are thinking Youtube as a purpose of life now. Youtube is not getting weird by itself.

As of exploiting children, I consider the ones really doing this as cruels. Children are affected easily, also, they can be under the influence of somebody easily. They know these and use them. You are cruels! For the sake of earning money, you exploiters just ruin the kids and earn money. These words are not only about all Youtube channels. It goes just to exploiters.

What I see on Youtube is that it is a big trash where you can also find diamonds. The best way to prevent yourselves from getting weird is to choose what to watch. Do not be the exposed, just think.

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