Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Details Of Pubg's 4x4 Savage

Details Of Pubg's 4x4 Savage

Pubg has recently announced the new 4x4 tropical map Savage with this tweet
As pubg staff said, the new map is more intense! Furthermore, it is a tropical map which has flows. Let's see some photos of it.

tropical pubg

pubg savage

pubg tropical map

4x4 map pubg

For now, you can only experience the new 4x4 map in PUBG Test Server.

We can see on the pictures that new map will make us feel summer. After the 4x4 map, people are looking forward to riding bicycle in the game. However, pubg has not announced something about it. Do you think that new map will be your favourite one ?
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  1. And that's a shame, I thought that everybody has determined with that jungle setting has become boring 2 years ago. It would be way more exciting if them added some new skins here, there ain't any updates for long so far. And I'm waiting for them all this time, because these skins cost pretty well on market, so there are a nice profits of trading them via skinsmarket So, maybe it should perhaps take place in summer or even earlier


    1. Actually,I expected a map related to the future. I am bored that jungle things. If they manage to design a futuristic map, it will be better.