Saturday, April 28, 2018

Top 5 Twitch Streamers Around The World


1) Ninja

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Ninja has 6.235.856 followers and 151.399.108 channel views.

2) Summit1g

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Summit 1g has 3.085.866 followers and 217.282.320 channel views.

3) Shroud

Shroud is a professional e-sports player and a member of Cloud 9 e-sports team.
He has 3.065.609 followers and 133.253.332 channel views.

4) Meclipse

This one is also Shroud's channel. As I said before, Shroud is a professional e-sports player. His secondary channel, which is meclipse, has 3.065.503 followers and 133.153.748 channel views. Oh ! I have almost forgotten to put a photo here.

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5) Riot Games

Riot games, which means League Of Legends, is the fifth of our list. Despite the controversial situation of its players, Riot Games' League Of Legends takes place in our list.
The channel has 2.874.028 followers and 982.577.834 channel views.

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