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A Talk About Moba, HOTS, Uğur Ülger, HOTS in TR


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Will Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm be demanded in Turkey ?

According to the recent news, Uğur Ülger, who worked in Riot Games (League Of Legends) and is very beloved by Turkish gamers, has been employed as community manager, which means that Blizzard may establish an office in Turkey. Few Heroes Of The Storm players think that Uğur Ülgers' coming to Blizzard will increase the amount of players in the game in Turkey. If you have played HOTS before, you must have seen that there are few Turkish people in the game. Most of the players is composed of the ones in Russia. In this content, I am going to begin by telling what moba means.

*Hots stands for Heroes Of The Storm.

What is Moba ? What Moba Means ?


First of all, moba means action real time strategy game style. In this game style, generally five to five or four to four, people play against each other as two seperate teams by choosing their characters. A map is the milestone of a moba. To exemplify, League Of Legends, Dota 2, HOTS, Starcraft are the most famous moba games in the PC platform. What about android and IOS ? Moba must be so demanded that it splashed to the mobile platforms. In Android and IOS, you can find many games, especially Vineglory, Mobile Legends and Arena Of Valor, resembling to League Of Legends and Dota 2. In general, Moba games have build systems, and each hero has its own build. Tank, Attacker, Support, Ability Power, Jungle are the roles that you should take into consideration to build your items in a proper way when playing moba games. Every moba game employs this build system as a method. You have to consistent with your character's role when building your items! As I have said, in 2018, nearly every moba game employs build system. However, there is a different approach, it is Blizzard's HOTS.

Heroes Of The Storm And Its Unique Aspects

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What I have talked about for all the last paragraph was the system of moba games and the examples of the best moba games. Now, the topic is all about battlenet HOTS. HOTS is a moba game like many other, but what differs is the build system. Blizzard staff used a very different way of building in Heroes Of The Storm when creating  the game. There are not any items ! Yeah, I hear you say woah! As it is a moba game, there should be a building system anyway, and they have managed to implement it with skill building system. Actually, this system is also can be found in the other moba games, but here it is the only thing, except for playing as a team, HOTS depends on. By enhancing the your skill levels, each characters has its own unique skills, you can achieve new skills or damage-abilitiy powers. Aside from this, Blizzard designs and plans its Heroes Of The Storm characters by gaining inspiration from its other games, such as Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft.

New Communitiy Manager Of The Blizzard For Turkey: Uğur Ülger

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Source: De Marke Gaming on Twitter

Finally, the talk comes to and end! At the beginning, I have said something about Blizzard's employing former Riot Games Staff and freelance presenter Uğur Ülger. Moba players in Turkey love Uğur Ülger so much that some Turkish HOTS players think that era of Heroes Of The Storm will begin in Turkey. It is believed that Uğur Ülger's working at Blizzard as a community manager will attract new Turkish players and promote the game in Turkey.

Heroes Of The Storm Is One Of The Best e-Sports Ready Game !

heroes of the storm e sports ready
Source: Dreamhack- Youtube

Game is already e-Sports ready! The only deficiency is that there are few people playing this game and only one or two team joining the e-Sport competitions in Turkey. As HOTS player myself, I hope that we will see good Turkish plays and more Turkish players in the game in coming years.

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