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How To Delete Twitch Account

How To Delete Twitch Account

delete or disable twitch account

As you all know, Twitch is a media platform in which famous gamers stream. It's a worldwide renowned platform that streamers both enjoy and earn money thanks to donates and advertisements. To stream and watch the live streams in Twitch, you need to create a Twitch account by using an e-mail and a password. In this way, you can stream or watch the famous streamers around the world.

Do you know how to delete your Twitch account or how to deactivate it for a while ? If you do not use your twitch account any more, you have the chance of deleting it permanently. In addition, you can also deactivate your account for some time.

Deactivating Twitch Account: Deactivating Twitch account means that you can open it any time you want and go on. Your e-mail and the username that you use in Twitch are protected until you activate your Twitch account again.

Deleting Twitch Account: Deleting Twitch account means permanently removal of your Twitch account, username and e-mail, which is irreversible. By doing so, your username can be taken by somebody else. The messages, followed channels and subscribtions in the deleted Twitch account are also deleted.

How To Deactivate Twitch Account

As I have said, this is a temporary removal of your Twitch account. To deactivate it, you should visit  and login your account. After you have written your password and the reason why you close your account on the page in the link, click on disable account button.

How To Delete Twitch Account

If you want to delete your Twitch account permanently, you should visit , write your password and click on the Delete My Account button.

How To Activate The Deactivated Twitch Account 

If you have deactivated your Twitch account, it is possible to activate it again. By just visiting and writing the informations that you used for creating your deactivated account, you can reactivate your Twitch account.

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