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An Innovative Youtube Video Idea: 5 Minute Debate

An Innovative Youtube Video Idea: 5 Minute Debate

an innovative youtube video idea 5 minute debate

I do not want to start this article by pointing out the significance of Youtube as all people know it. First of all, I just want to say future will be technological. I wager that people witness Youtube's taking place of television. Most of the tv channels have live streams on Youtube. Moreover, there are a lot of youtube channels which stream like a television channel. This is the evidence of Youtube's making contemporaries conventional. Having written the entrance a bit longer than usual, I want to let people know an innovative Youtube video idea: 5 Minute Debate. Thanks to this content, you will have found an answer to the questions, such as what should be my Youtube content, what is an innovative Youtube video idea and how can I make people watch my Youtube videos.

Why should Youtube video contents be innovative ?

It should be innovative as it must be ! An innovative Youtube video idea is necessary to remind people your channel. People remember the ones who are unique just like the history. The second reason is that there are a lot of channels around which yield information just about usual topics. Be different and innovative to remind yourselves.

What Is My Innovative Youtube Video Idea ?

Before describing my idea, I think that an innovation can be in an accumulated way. What I mean is that people can innovate even if they use the existing things as their source. Developing the existing ideas is another way of being innovative. You can not always create something but think.

5 Minute Debate

5 minute debate

5 Minute Debate is the idea of let people discuss each other about a topic given by video recorders. After deciding about which topic that people discuss, you will prepare two texts which can be easily read in 5 minutes. Then, you will select any people walking on the street or just sitting somewhere to tell them what you do. When they discuss, you will record it. Having recorded the video and edited it, you will present it on Youtube. Aside from being educative, it may be also funny because notions are different and thinking styles differ.

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